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Parking at Sevierville Convention Center


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Meet the team!


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Trade Show Images


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Great Meeting Space


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Sevierville Convention Center


Enjoy these random images of The Sevierville Convention Center and imagine your next event in this beautiful venue! Our team is second to none and it is always our goal to create and exceptional meeting experience! Won't you come and meet with us in the Great Smoky Mountains.

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Corvette Expo!


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Alpaca Show


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Eucharistic Congress


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Spectra Food Services & Hospitality (formally Ovations)


Spectra Food Services & Hospitality (formally Ovations) is the exclusive provider of innovative food and beverage solutions and experiences at the Sevierville Convention Center.

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RV Show


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Sevier Job Fair


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Student Celebration385 views
Chef John Morris of The Sevierville Convention Center461 viewsChef John Morris prepares his final details just before a food tasting with clients! He loves what he does and our clients also love his work!
Sevierville Cheerleaders1254 viewsA very special thank you to the cheer-leading squad of Sevier County High School. This image also shows the beautiful interior of the Sevierville Convention Center.
Alpaca268 views
Exhibit Hall A and B242 views
Eucharistic Congress272 views
Marshalling Yard 247 viewsThe Marshalling Yard for the Sevierville Convention Center is located onsite in the back of convention center. The marshalling yard is accessible from Gists Creek Road - take the second drive entrance just past MAIN ENTRANCE to Sevierville Convention Center. The marshalling yard features a 10-Bay Loading Dock w/ seamless load-in/load-out process and TWO drive ramps providing entry onto show floor. The marshaling yard is 1.89 acres providing great space for truck/trailers, etc.
RV Show373 views
Ready for gift exchange time!209 views
RV Show332 views
Sevierville Convention Center1033 viewsEvening view with lights at The Sevierville Convention Center.
RV Show295 views
Alpaca286 views
RV Show285 views
Exhibit Hall B305 views
Exhibit Hall B507 viewsAnother view of Exhibit Hall B set for trade show

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Making the most! 382 viewsThe Sevierville Convention Center team does utilize and does make the most of all event function space when the opportunity is there. This is the north alcove area which overlooks The Highlands Course of the Sevierville Golf Club. This space has been used for registration, dance floors, bands, Christmas pictures, meeting space and so much more. Dec 27, 2016
Ballroom Space in Sevierville 329 viewsCreates a great event every time! Dec 27, 2016
Competitive Arts 356 viewsThis is setup day for one of our many competitive art events. The Sevierville Convention Center does host dance, cheer, and volleyball throughout the year. Dec 27, 2016
Food Court 346 viewsThis is not the typical setup for our food court, however, a client did need additional space for mingle and dance time so we put our thinking caps on and we made it happen. Dec 27, 2016
Exhibit Hall A Entrance 321 viewsEntrance to Ex Hall ADec 27, 2016
Ballroom A 370 viewsGreat visual of classroom tables and chairs! Of course this room can be revised to meet any floor plan.Dec 27, 2016
Ballroom A 338 viewsMeeting is now in session in SeviervilleDec 27, 2016
Exhibit Hall A becomes Banquet Hall 333 viewsExhibit Hall A being utilized for Christmas and End of Year Gathering feeding 2000 attendees! Only in Sevierville Dec 27, 2016
Music - the universal language 375 viewsExhibit Hall A or B provides exceptional space for concert for youth conferenceDec 27, 2016
Ballroom Space in Sevierville 351 viewsIs an excellent resource for general meetings, training session and seminars, trade show events, banquets and gala's, and so much moreDec 27, 2016
Exhibit Hall B336 viewsThis great trade show view also previews two of the four garage roll-up doors which allows exhibitors and more to drive direct to show floor creating seamless load-in and load-out experience. Dec 27, 2016
Front entrance becomes an evening a dance and fun506 viewsDec 27, 2016
Trade Show in Progress for Success321 viewsTypical Trade Show SetupDec 27, 2016
Concourse Exhibit VENDOR Space 324 viewsAll of Sevierville Convention Center space can be utilized creating exceptional experienceDec 27, 2016
B2B in Exhibit Halls A - B 339 viewsTrade Show Setup in Sevierville Dec 27, 2016
Ballroom Space A, B, C, and D342 viewsFeeding attendees of B2B Trade Show which was being held in both Exhibit Hall A and BDec 27, 2016